Dr hamway

Thomas A. Hamway, DDS, MS

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Dr Stroster

Timothy G. Stroster, DDS, MS

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Dr McMullen

Craig McMullen, DDS, MS

I am originally from Hillsdale, Michigan. I grew up playing football, basketball and baseball. In 2007 (my junior year in high school) we won a baseball state championship. After high school I went to Michigan State University to pursue my education. I received my BS at MSU and did research in microbiology, working on the gut microbiome project. I studied dentistry at the University of Michigan and did research on the Class II Carriere appliance. I was fortunate to have my research published in the very prestigious The Angle Orthodontist Journal. From there, I studied orthodontics at the University Of Michigan and focused my research studies on MARPE, a novel approach to orthopedic expansion in skeletally mature patients.

I am passionate about travel, golf, watching sports, working out and spending time with my family and fiancé, Alex.